Thankful Thursday: Improvement

I have a thankful heart.

I had a follow up appointment this week and my doctor seems to agree that things are moving in the right direction. I’ll be doing at least another week of IV antibiotics and go back for another appointment on Monday. I’ve been able to be oxygen free while at rest during the day and that is such a gift.

I’m thankful for simple things that put a smile on my face these days. During workouts in the basement I keep seeing these cute little birds come to bathe in the puddle outside of our basement door. They seem to have such a fun time with each other. I’m reminded that God has a purpose and a plan for every creature, great and small.

Sometimes pets are the best medicine. I’m thankful for a sweet puppy to cuddle with while I’m not feeling well.

I’m thankful to have been well enough to celebrate Jim’s birthday out at Queen Lake over the weekend. My parents and family helped me throw him a birthday party? He is my favorite and such a special guy!

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