Over 7 months of Indrepta and now Taurinac

I’ve been taking the CF supplement Indrepta for over 7 months now. You can read about this supplement here. There are now 3 versions of Indrepta available. On November 26, 2016, I began taking Indrepta A for a couple months. I then switched to Indrepta B for a couple months, and when C came on the market, I decided to try that version for two months. After trying each of the versions, I decided that Indrepta B (click here to read about which version might work best for you) was the most beneficial for me and so I have decided to stick with B and about 4 weeks ago, I added Taurinac into the mix. I had already been taking PharmaNAC fizzy tabs for a few years but Taurinac supposedly has some additional benefits specifically for cystic fibrosis so I switched.

I have not experienced dramatic changes yet; however, since adding Taurinac, I have recovered from a respiratory virus amazingly well. And that is not the way it usually goes for me. I don’t usually get back to baseline lung function after fighting a respiratory virus. While I was very sick with this most recent respiratory virus, I did in fact rebound and my lung function is now back to where it was before I got sick in June. While the other positive changes have not been drastic, they are still worth noting.

  • My weight has been extremely stable, even during this last bout of sickness.
  • My sinuses seem a little less congested. (still doing 3 saline sinus rinses per day)
  • It’s been a little easier to work the mucus out of my lungs during treatments.

I’m not sure if my most recent recovery and/or these other changes are from the addition of Indrepta and Taurinac but I am definitely going to keep taking these together and hopefully reap more benefits the longer I continue.

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3 Responses to Over 7 months of Indrepta and now Taurinac

  1. Thanks for the update. I have been curious about Indeptra, but still feel nervous to start. I have been on pharmaNAC for years and was wondering if anyone say a difference between the taurinac and pharmanac. Sounds like you notice a slight difference. Glad to hear that you have some improvement with the combo.

    • Emily Grumbine says:

      I think the biggest thing for me so far has been the recovery from sickness and the sinuses. Hoping for more benefits as time goes on:) If you’re a double delta, I bet you would see good results. I just have one delta. I was in the clinical trial a couple years back for orkambi when they were testing on heterozygotes and had to stop the trial because of the awful side effects I was experiencing. When I started Indrepta, absolutely nothing like that for me. In fact, I can’t really remember having any negative side effects with Indrepta.

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