Simple Joys

Life is all about perspective. Jim reminds me all the time that we have a great life:) Sure there is plenty of suffering and hardship and while I believe it is important to be truthful about that, I choose to focus on the things in our life that bring us joy. It’s a great way to live and I’ve found that over time, being thankful for the simplest of things has cultivated a grateful heart in me. Lately I’m thankful for-

The beautiful foliage! People travel to New England just to see it this time of year:)

A majestic visitor while I was sitting by the water.

Fall-bearing raspberries! They’ve been coming in steady the last few weeks and they are tasty.

Lively little cousins. Sweet, sweet kids. Love them so. I don’t always have the energy to spend tons of time together but even if it’s just an hour here and there, they always put a smile on my face.

Climbing monkeys picking apples

Elliot drew me some healthy smiling pink lungs for my birthday.

Can you say soccer all-star?!

I’m thankful for an amazing family. We’re not perfect but we love each other and love spending time together. They encourage me to do the best I can to keep running this race!

Liv’s 30 and I’m 37!! Yikes!!

Enjoying a favorite lunch spot!















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