We Can Do It!

There is a sign at my gym that states “The body achieves what the mind believes.” I stare at it sometimes while I’m running on the treadmill. When I go into the gym and I tell myself I’m going to finish this run and I’m not going to walk and I can do this, that it’s as good as done, that not being comfortable is okay, this is an investment and this is good for me, I finish. When I convince myself that there is no other option but to keep going, that it is possible, I usually reach my goal.

Our focus is so important.

Sometimes I think we talk ourselves out of doing something great because we somehow convince ourselves that we “shouldn’t even bother” because “we can’t even start” and “why would I want to start only to not finish?” or “what if……….” or  “today’s not a good day, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Let’s start believing in ourselves. We can do great things if we take the first step and start. Whatever it is, start today!

Today is the day! Now get moving!

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