Thankful Thursday: Relationships and Cantatas

No matter what we are going through, we have much to be thankful for:

Emily-I am so thankful for relationships. We have been blessed with an amazing support system. Many people have blessed us in different ways over the past 2 weeks and we are so thankful. God always provides the comfort we need during challenging times.

I’m thankful for improvement. Today was day 8 on IV antibiotics and I have been experiencing some relief and improvement in breathing. Praise the Lord!

coffeeI’m thankful for good morning coffee. Enjoying my first cup of coffee in the morning with Jim is one of my favorite things. The best part of waking up is Starbucks in my cup:)

Jim – I am thankful for good cooks! Our relatives and church family are running a meal-train right now for us since Emily is on round-the-clock IV treatment and I might hinder her recovery if I try to cook! We have some great cooks showing up each night at our house!

I’m thankful for Christmas music. Usually I only enjoy it on the radio but this year my wife encouraged me (threatened me) into joining the church choir which is practicing 5 songs from a cantata. I am terrible – I’ll be up front with that – but I am enjoying the practices which are totally getting me into the Christmas spirit. (Sorry to the other basses who have to sit near me.)

I’m thankful for my parents who jumped in to help us when we needed to go to the hospital. They have taken our new – totally unpotty-trained, teething – puppy into their home for two weeks and are pretending that she is no trouble! Thanks mom and dad.photo1 photo2

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