Thanksgiving Thankful Thursday: Goodness and Grace

This is a great time to thank and praise God for:

Emily-I mentioned this last week but I’ve got to mention it again this week. I’m thankful for God’s goodness. No matter what life brings us, He is always good and He is for us and that will never change.

Our travel plans changed last minute for Thanksgiving and my sister was nice enough to invite us to crash their thanksgiving dinner. We enjoyed a feast and good company. We are very thankful.

I’m thankful for mild weather. My lungs don’t like the bitter cold any longer and it has been a pretty mild fall. Last year at this time we had snow on the ground. Today it was 60 degrees! I was pretty happy about that.

Jim-I’m thankful that Emily has responded (at least slightly) well to the IV medications. We had a clinic visit this week that ended with a decision to complete a third week of at home IV’s. At least she is on the right path!

I’m Thankful for perfect mornings. Today I got up early and had coffee with my wife. Then we prepped and cooked stuffing for the Thanksgiving meal while listening to Christmas music. It may sound corny but I’ll take a morning like that over just about any other.

I’m thankful that God doesn’t back away just because we do. I have struggled in the last few weeks to feel as if God is really moving in our life. Everything seems stacked against us – hospital visits present more problems than you can imagine! But when I have a moment of clarity and come sheepishly before my God again, I never get the feeling that He isn’t ready to meet with me. I am so thankful for grace that is limitless.



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