Thankful Thursday: New Small Group Study & Brothers

Emily-I’m thankful for a new perspective on a bible story that I’ve known about since I was a little girl. We are reading The Prodigal God in our study group and already in the first session, I’m learning new things about the parable of the prodigal son that I never knew before.

I’m thankful for a relatively good week of health so far and that Jim didn’t catch what I had. Last Friday night, I caught the stomach virus that’s been going around. Not fun in the least bit but thankfully it only stayed with me for 24 hrs and each day since has been an improvement. Praise God!

I’m thankful for little things like my little cousin Brian saying “Emmy” for the first time. I might have prompted him and he may not say it again for a while but he said it for the first time this week and it made my heart happy. He is so cute!

Jim-I’m thankful for my little brother celebrating another birthday. This kid has been my best friend since he was in diapers!

The Champ!

The Champ!

Crackin up!

Crackin up!

I’m thankful that more than once this week Emily said to me “I think I’m in a pretty good place!”

I’m thankful that I have a trusted Christian mentor at my workplace. I’m grateful to have found someone who offers solid guidance and helps me balance the work we do with the eternal significance of living the Christian life.

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