CF Treatments

IMG_0524Albuterol-2-4 puffs as needed
Aquadeck Vitamin-2 per day
Azithromycin-500mg-1 tab mon,wed,fri
Creon Enzymes-24,000 UNT-6 caps w/meals, 3 caps w/snacks
Hypertonic Saline-7%-twice per day
Nexium-40mg-1 per day
Pulmozyme-2.5 mg-twice per day
Qnasl                                                                                                                                          Singulair-10mg-1 per day
Symbicort-160/4.5 mcg-2 puffs twice per day
Ursodiol-300mg-2 per day

Inhaled antibiotics on rotation: Cayston,Meropenem,Ceftaz,Bethkis

Airway Clearance: AffloVest = 24-32 min (3 to 4, 8 min sessions) 2 to 3 times per day
or HillRom Vest 30 min session, 2 to 3 times per day                                                        Manual Chest PT-20 min session-3 times per day

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  1. Hi, nice to see you are on azithromycin. It is a great CF drug with benefits beyond its antimicrobial function.

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